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As a frontline family doctor, Dr. Bains knows that access to quality healthcare is one of the most pressing challenges facing our Valley that has only been exacerbated by the global pandemic. In the Assembly, Jasmeet will ensure our Valley gets its fair share so that everyone can have quality, affordable healthcare. She will work to ensure greater Medi-Cal coverage for underserved and rural communities while helping bring down the cost of prescription drugs and emergency care and will ensure our aging seniors have the support and care they deserve.

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From a young age, Jasmeet watched her father work his way from being a mechanic to owning his own successful car dealership, where she continues to work alongside him in a management role. Jasmeet understands that we cannot truly be healthy if our economy isn’t strong. In the Assembly, Dr. Bains will help our small businesses rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic, create high wage jobs, and ensure everyone can retire with dignity. She will be a tireless champion for ensuring our Valley’s economy is strong and works for everyone.

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Jasmeet has been a champion for our children and knows they are our future, working to stop human trafficking and child abuse. On the Taft College Foundation Board, Jasmeet helps develop partnerships to ensure our students succeed and have the skills and training to be competitive in the 21st century global economy. In the Assembly, Jasmeet will ensure our students can safely return to the classroom, that we invest in our students at every level from pre-K through community college and beyond and will make Career Technical Education a top priority.

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Jasmeet understands that a clean and reliable water supply is critical for our Valley’s long-term health. In the Assembly, she will advocate for funding to improve our water infrastructure for agriculture, businesses and homes.  Jasmeet will work to improve our air quality because she knows that cleaner air is essential to ensuring our children grow up healthy and strong.  As an Assemblymember, Dr. Bains will be a leader in the fight against food insecurity and to improve the everyday lives of Valley residents.

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