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CA Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus EndorsesDr. Jasmeet Bains

In yet another display of the building momentum behind her campaign for State Assembly, the California Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus has unanimously endorsed Dr. Jasmeet Bains for election to the newly re-drawn 35th Assembly District.

Pediatrician and State Senator Richard Pan, Chair of the AAPI Legislative Caucus, said: “The California Asian American and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus is proud to support Dr. Jasmeet Bains for State Assembly. As a family doctor serving underserved, rural populations, Dr. Bains was on the frontlines during the COVID pandemic providing critically needed healthcare. As an API woman who has endured racial bigotry and fought back against it, she understands the current challenges our community faces and will be a strong voice against extremism so the API community is safe and can thrive. In the Assembly, Dr. Bains will be one of our greatest champions, not just for the API community but our entire state. She understands our issues and has the temperament and skillset to deliver for all Californians.”

The California Asian American and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus seeks to increase AAPI participation and representation in all levels of government. Among its goals, the Caucus seeks to ensure the API community has equal access to education, social services, health care, mental health care, and other critically needed services, and fight racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of AAPIs in the media.

Dr. Jasmeet Bains said: “As the daughter of immigrants, today is an important and special day for me. I am incredibly honored to receive the support of the AAPI Legislative Caucus, one of the leading organizations combatting AAPI stereotypes and increasing representation in the rooms where decisions are made. As an AAPI woman, I have experienced bigotry, prejudice and even death threats throughout my life and career, whether it was during my work fighting addiction and mental health issues, or most recently on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic; and I will never forget the post-9/11 backlash my family experienced, fueled by ignorance of our faith. These experiences taught me how important it is to fight ignorance and hatred – a duty we all share as Americans.

Throughout my career, I have worked to create culturally and linguistically diverse services for all of my patients whether in my practice or in my community outreach efforts or global medical outreach efforts abroad. I look forward to continuing my efforts and working with the AAPI Legislative Caucus and others to ensure everyone has the opportunities they deserve.”

Dr. Bains continues to amass endorsements from local leaders, organizations representing frontline health care workers, education leaders and others. The AAPI Legislative Caucus is the latest in this wave of endorsements, joining the likes of the California Medical Association, the California Academy of Family Physicians, Senators Melissa Hurtado, Richard Pan and Dave Min, and others.

The primary election will be held on June 7, 2022.

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