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Dr. Jasmeet Bains Wins Election to State Assembly District 35

Dr. Jasmeet Bains declared a historic and decisive victory in the November 8, 2022, general election, becoming the first Sikh American and woman of Indian American descent to be elected to the California Legislature. Assemblymember-elect Jasmeet Bains, MD, released the following statement after receiving the latest ballot count:

“We did it! Thanks to a tremendous grassroots campaign and countless diverse community volunteers, we shattered expectations and delivered a decisive victory for Kern County families.

The vote count speaks for itself. The people of Kern County wanted change and supported our efforts to create healthier communities and safer neighborhoods, deliver clean water and cleaner air, and provide greater economic opportunity for all our families so that every child of the Valley has a shot at the American Dream.

Growing up as a girl in Delano, I couldn’t have imagined that one day I’d have the title of “Doctor,” let alone, “Assemblywoman-elect.” But at my core I’m still just a daughter of the Valley who was lucky enough to go away to medical school and return to serve the community I call home - a community rich in culture, diversity and proud valley values.

I’m also proud to be the first woman of Indian American descent and first Sikh to be elected to the California Legislature. I’m honored and mindful of what this historic achievement means to both my ancestors and the younger generation - who will hopefully be inspired to break barriers and pursue dreams of their own.

I’m deeply grateful to the voters of Kern County and humbled by the hundreds of volunteers, community leaders, healthcare workers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, farmers, small business owners and hard working families who supported our efforts across Assembly District 35. Together, we have achieved what many thought was impossible, and we will continue to deliver victories for the people of Valley. Let’s get to work!”

Assemblymember-elect Bains won her first campaign for public office with an overwhelming margin. The latest results from the Kern County Registrar of Voters released late Monday, November 21, show Dr. Bains leading with 60.5% of the vote, while her challenger reported 39.5%.

Dr. Bains will take the oath of office December 5, 2022.

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