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Kern County Prosecutors Stand with Dr. Jasmeet Bains

In a fresh burst of momentum for Dr. Jasmeet Bains’ campaign for Assembly, the Kern County Prosecutors Association has endorsed Dr. Bains, her campaign announced today.

Joseph Marcano, Vice President of the Kern County Prosecutors Association, said: “Dr. Jasmeet Bains understands that keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe must be the top priority of our elected leaders. At a time when our families are facing the threats posed by fentanyl, and with crime skyrocketing everywhere, Dr. Bains is the leader we need in Sacramento representing us and standing up for victims and survivors. We are proud to stand with Dr. Jasmeet Bains for State Assembly.”

The Kern County Prosecutors Association is comprised of Kern County’s deputy district attorneys, who prosecute some of the toughest cases involving homicide, child abuse, fraud and more. Dedicated to the professional and ethical delivery of justice, the Kern County Prosecutors Association is one of the strongest advocates for victims and survivors of crime throughout Kern County.

Dr. Jasmeet Bains said: “I am incredibly honored to receive the strong support of the Kern County Prosecutors Association. As someone who has worked to combat human trafficking and stop child abuse, and someone who works every day with survivors of these horrific crimes, having the support of the public servants who selflessly stand up for victims every day means a great deal to me. In the Assembly, I will make public safety a top priority and ensure every survivor and victim has a voice when it comes to the decisions that impact their lives.”

The Kern County Prosecutors Association joins Assemblymember and Dr. Akilah Weber, Senator and Dr. Richard Pan, Senator Melissa Hurtado, Senator Dave Min, the California Medical Association, the Kern County Medical Society, the California Academy of Family Physicians, the National Union of Healthcare Workers, and many more organizations and individuals in throwing their support behind Dr. Bains’ candidacy.

The primary election will be held on June 7, 2022.

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